Descartes Finance takes tradition into the future, harnessing a combination of cutting-edge technology and personal advice in the service of your personal interests.

Based on clear rules and completely transparent, our digital investment platform is simplicity itself. Whenever you need us in person, we’re there to guide you through your decisions.

Our investment strategies lead the way. They harness the latest know-how and are digitally implemented by us. But at the same time we personally monitor your portfolios to make sure they’re in good hands, around the clock.

Descartes - The Philosopher

Our name is our promise. We’re inspired by the great seventeenth-century French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes, whose work remains as relevant as ever in our digital age.

Without his pioneering rational thought it’s hard to imagine modern-day science in its present form. Descartes gave people a way of taking control of their own lives, guided by his famous, powerful words: “I think, therefore I am.”

The man who’s synonymous with analysis and reflection didn’t live in an ivory tower. He saw himself as a servant of society: dutiful and moral.

Choice of partners

Our partners, with their scientifically based, rules-based investment strategies, also subscribe to our philosophy. Depending on your needs and goals you can choose one of the existing strategies or your own do-it-yourself strategy.

We have strong beliefs when it comes to investing...

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Descartes cuts through the financial noise and focusses exclusively on scientific and evidence-based investing to give investors a better understanding of how to view the financial markets and provide them with the respective investment strategies.

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